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Dalian in the first folk culture festival gala network boot

Date: 2015-12-24

18, the 9th China (dalian) in the first dalian folk culture festival gala network news conferences held in dalian writer forest, this activity by dalian news newspaper group dalian, dalian folk culture promotion association, held by the dalian world expo center, dalian, ancient and modern culture media, dalian XiangYu culture dissemination, emperor love culture media, liaoning dalian cheongsam will undertake, the municipal party committee united front work department, civil affairs bureau, dalian newspaper group, media, social organization federation full support in dalian.
This year the first dalian folk culture and its content is divided into four: the Chinese dream, I dream of literature and art performance competition;Mass innovation folk art exhibition;The first dalian folk Spring Festival gala of the network;Spring fair.
Popular folk art exhibition invited world-class innovation, industrial, national and provincial intangible cultural heritage in line master show the charm of folk art, calligraphy and painting artists, in the form of a sitcom acting various folk folk activities.Citizens to buy necessities and necessities fair will invite famous artists for citizens live in dalian writing couplets, let people experience in cultural charm.
The first dalian folk network gala combining the Internet and traditional folk, all programs from the people at the grassroots level online interaction, let people close, intuitive feelings of folk art.Competing category with song and dance, drama, comedy, crosstalk, Musical Instruments, art, acrobatics, folk customs, grass-roots recitation, martial arts, intangible culture, arrange, any conditions.Through the audition, heats, evening party, will choose three hours of programs, Spring Festival gala on network, the newspaper group in dalian's official website: dalian news website www.dlxww.com premiere, the following day across the country each big platform, each big WeChat public account synchronous display, a wide coverage.
AD hoc best show, best popularity award, the 10 categories, each award, a prize or bonuses worth 1000 yuan.Award for the best show, excellent organization, every 10 awards, prizes or bonuses worth 500 yuan.
Presently faces the society for program solicitation.
Application period: from now on until January 10, 2016
Registration site:
President road 1, high-tech zone 21 folk culture promotion association (dalian);Telephone: * * * * * * *, * * * * * * *
2, the first-hand LuXun Road anda 209 news network (dalian) building a unit;Telephone: * * * * * * * - 604/605/606
3, development zone, central jre 10, 302;Telephone: * * * * * * *;China merchants: 0411 - * * * * * * *, * * * * * * *